Polar Fleece Ruffle Scarf

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A Women's winter fashion fleece ruffle scarf.

A beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Soft and cozy together with style and easy care.

Scarf measures approx 56" inches long and is approx 6 " wide.
Lengths and widths can be altered to suit you! Just contact me for more details about custom sizing.

Ruffles are the in thing, so tame that Spring, Fall, or Winter chill with style with this wonderfully dressy/casual accessory.

Be sure of quality with this luxurious, cozy, and warm ruffled scarf made from a soft fleece fabric

Also available is the complimenting Alice hat. The hat and scarf mirror each other in the pleating and make a great ensemble. They can be made in the same or contrasting color fleece. Many colors are available.

Questions? Please contact me at BostonMillinery@gmail.com

This scarf makes a great gift for someone special or a gift for yourself, just because!

Care Instructions:

To maintain the original beauty and styling I recommend placing it in a mesh laundry bag, on a gentle machine warm wash. Or hand wash and then air dry, please do not iron.


Customer Reviews

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Clever G.

First off, very lovely and feminine scarf. If you want something simple but still be a woman, than this is it. But that said, here is a bit of advice. While this is a lovely creation, it is not meant to be worn by itself, meaning that you can't really just wrap it around your neck and go out, without it looking like it is strangling you. The plus side is though, it makes a wonderful coat scarf. What do I mean? I mean that if it's cold, and you want an added layer of protection, wear this.

I wore this out with my tan coat, buttoned and unbuttoned, and the scarf was long enough where it filled out the length of the coat, and was thick enough too when the wind started to blow and nip.

All in all, a wonderful scarf that I would highly recommend.