London Town Zipper Pouch with Wristlet

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Handmade in the USA. Thank you for supporting small businesses!

When it comes to our handbags and purses if you're anything like me, they get messy pretty quickly, and then good luck if you need to find something in the bottom of that bag in any kind of hurry!

Bringing all you lovely Anglophiles a remedy to this untidy situation.

Handy pouches with a wristlet attached, handmade in the perfect size for traveling, cosmetics or just as a bits and bobs storage bag.

Lovely designs in cotton prints, with London Lovers in mind. Here we have three prints to choose from:

• A striking London Map - cream background and iconic London sights like The London Eye and Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and the Thames!

• A classic Blue Royal Guard ( Soldier)

• A very British London Mug/Cup design

The cute and practical zipper pouch is sturdier than our face mask storage pouch and measures approx 9 3/4" x 5 1/2". A good size for a folded letter to avoid any dog eared corners.

Lined in a cotton. Fabric may vary.

Wash this pouch either by hand or we recommend a net bag if washed in the machine. ( no bleach please). Warm iron as necessary.