1920s Style Summer Hat in Chartreuse Linen - The Polly Cloche

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The Polly pictured here handmade in a vibrant chartreuse linen, also available in black and white Linen.

Comfortable, casual and fun!! A vintage 1920's style cloche hat. Polly is such a cute and elegant style, she can be worn anytime, anywhere. Super-versatile straight from the roaring twenties and easy to pack.

This beautiful hat sits comfortably low, and molds to the roundness of the head. The cute brim is pleated at the side for added interest.

Designed, pattern cut and handmade by The Waughdrobe for Boston Millinery in the U.S.A.

This Polly is lined in cotton.

Finished with a sweet satin rose brooch which is removable and can be worn anywhere or switched out to add versatility to the look of your hat. The brooch you receive will be a close representation of the one shown here.

To maintain it's original beauty and wear for years to come, then dry cleaning is preferable.

Your hat will arrive in a handmade hat bag and will be shipped via USPS mail.

By purchasing this item you are supporting an independent artist, thank you!


Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head just above your eyebrows and over your ears. Make sure the tape lies over the fullest part of the back of the head and do not pull the tape any tighter than you would want a hat to feel during wear.

If you need a custom size please contact me., no head too big or too small.

SIZE Small: 22 1/2"
SIZE Medium: 23"
SIZE Large: 24"

Customers are saying:

"I opened my hat this morning! It's perfect!! Absolutely perfect!! I love the detachable flowers and am delighted. Thank you so much for everything!"