Satin Poppy Brooch/ Fascinator | Many colors available

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This lovely Poppy flower brooch is a trending, statement piece that can also be worn as a hairclip and fascinator. It is made with a mix of hand made petals shown here in red satin. Available in many colors, please choose your favorite from the drop-down boxes. If you need a color that isn't available in this listing, please contact me and I'll be happy to help. Finished in the center with a circular design of black glass beads.

Three sizes of Poppy are available. Depending on where and how you wish to wear your poppy brooch. The 4" Poppy, shown here, looks great on a lapel or purse whereas a 6" Poppy will make a statement as a fascinator in your hair.

The poppy has both a metal brooch back and a crocodile clip for easy placement. It can be worn in your hair, on a pocketbook, wristlet, hat, lapel, scarf...... So many places to wear this bright and cheerful flower.

NO GLUE IS USED IN THE MAKING OF MY ACCESSORIES. Everything is hand sewn with care and attention to detail and should last a long time. This is important because the glue can cause fabrics to change color and degrade.

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