Winter Robin Face Mask in soft washable cotton

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There's nothing quite as cute as a Winter Robin!

Lovely Face Mask designs in cotton prints, with the Anglophiles in mind.

Cute Robin Red Breasts on a white background

* Our masks are made of 2 layers of COTTON fabric. The front side in this cute print and the reverse side in solid black, so you know which side should be touching your face.

* Adjustable ear loops for a comfortable fit. Loops are made of stretchable and durable elastic.

* A NOSE WIRE that comfortably bends and conforms to your face shape.

* Our Pleated masks expand vertically to help you achieve the best fit for you.

Care Instructions:

Hand-wash in warm water with your preferred laundry detergent.

Air dry and Iron if needed avoiding the elastic. (The heat of the iron may perish elastic).

Available in three sizes:

Small for young teens and Petites
Standard Adult
Large for Men and women who prefer a roomier fit.

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