Blue Linen Pillbox Hat with Net Veil and Flower | Boston Millinery

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This precious Pillbox hat is handmade by Artist and is one of a kind. Ready to ship

Made in a navy blue linen with a navy french net veil and a stunning periwinkle blue flower. Securely and comfortably sits on the head at an angle of your choice with an elastic headband.

Lined in a soft cotton.

Dimensions are as follows and are approximate

18" diameter and 1 1/4" deep.

Please contact us for custom colors and bespoke service.

The modern woman's pillbox hat was invented by milliners in the 1930s, and gained popularity due to its elegant simplicity. 
Made ever so fashionable by Jacqueline Kennedy, the First Lady of the United States who was well known for her "signature pillbox hats".

Since then pillbox hats have been made in many fabrics, sizes, shapes and colors and worn at many different angles.

Today the fashionable way to wear them is at a tilt over one side of the forehead. Have fun with yours!