Leopard Print Cloche Hat - The Eleanor - Wide Brim

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This is the Eleanor made with a wide brim. The brim is wider at the front than the back and can be styled in many ways. Eleanor is a beautiful hat and provides fabulous sun protection. The brim can be worn turned up in various degrees or left down. How will you wear yours?

Inspired by the styles worn in the 1920's and 30's, think Downton Abbey and the Great Gatsby. Totally Flapper fabulous!

This hat is definitely a head turner! This fabric is incredibly striking in a black and white Leopard print for animal print lovers everywhere!
Made in a medium weight cotton velveteen and fully lined in a soft cotton.
I have finished this beautiful hat with a hand sculpted black satin rose brooch with a beaded center.

Your hat arrives in a handmade hat bag and is shipped via USPS mail.

Designed by The Waughdrobe for Boston Millinery and handmade in the USA

No head too small, no head too large.
Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head just above your eyebrows and over your ears. Make sure the tape lies over the fullest part of the back of the head and do not pull the tape any tighter than you would want a hat to feel during wear.

SIZE Petite: 21 1/2"
SIZE Small: 22 1/2"
SIZE Medium: 23"
SIZE Large: 24"