The Queen's Corgi Handmade Adjustable and Washable Face Mask

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Don't these little guys just remind you of the Queen's Corgis?

Handmade in the USA. Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Lovely designs in cotton prints, with the Anglophiles in mind.

This is a beautiful print, Corgi dogs, and iconic London town accents.

* Our masks are made of 2 layers of COTTON fabric. One side print and the reverse side in either solid black or white so you know which side should be touching your face.

* Adjustable ear loops for a comfortable fit. Loops are made of stretchable and durable elastic.

* A NOSE WIRE that comfortably bends and conforms to your face shape.

* Our Pleated masks expand vertically to help you achieve the best fit for you.

Care Instructions:

Hand-wash in warm water with your preferred laundry detergent.

Air dry and Iron if needed avoiding the elastic. (The heat of the iron will perish elastic).

Available in three sizes

Small for young teens
Standard Adult
Large for Men and women who prefer a roomier fit.

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Please contact us if you have any questions!